Born from the need to meet the growing demands of two of the largest customers of the P&C Automotive group that have industrial settlements in the Iberian Peninsula, Catraport produces metal components for the automotive industry through a cold molding process. It was founded in 2015 and started production in 2017.

Moreover, Catraport is the production facility closest to the emerging Moroccan market and to the plants of non-European clients. The company has 4 presses, 2 of which a capacity of 400 tons, 1 with a capacity of 600 tons and 1 with a capacity of 1000 tons.

The passion of P&C Automotive for the automotive industry is strongly rooted in the new Catraport plant, which shares its know-how and philosophy, allowing this group to have sustainable growth and to be a leading supplier accredited by the main clients in the market.

51 Employees

2.223,73 M2

7 Countries

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